Beyond mushrooms, we specialize in many types of exotic produce including nagaimo, gobo, ginkgo nuts, Hawaii ginger root, garlic bulbs, bamboo shoots, poached bamboo, lily bulbs, fresh lotus root, poached lotus root, and tarot root. In many cases, our exotic produce is new to the North American market and is quickly gaining popularity. Much of our produce is seasonal, with limited availability throughout the year. Please contact us for our most up-to-date list of produce.

Burdock plants are a biennial thistle with prickly locking burrs that inspired the invention of Velcro fabric mechanisms. The root of burdock is popular in many Asian cuisines, particularly Japanese. Gobo is low in calories and a great source of dietary fiber. Its flavor is often described as subtle and earthy with sweet undertones. 

The Japanese nagaimo is also known as hangul in Korean and shan yao in Chinese. Although nagaimo is known as a yam, it is one of the only types of yam that may be eaten raw. Nagaimo is very nutritious, containing high levels of vitamin B and C, mucin, potassium, diastase, and dietary fiber, and is used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Look for stalks of nagaimo with smooth and firm surfaces; avoid blotchy and discolored stalks, as well as ones that may have dehydrated over time.